Dear Customer,

as per the requirements mentioned in number 15 of our terms and conditions, we are prepared to reimburse the withholding amount reported by you.

According to these, an essential requirement for the reimbursement of the withholding amount is that no proceedings have been brought against you for committing a crime or an administrative offence in relation to the damage incurred to the rental vehicle. Please confirm this to us.

Furthermore, we would like to alert you to the following: in the case that initially withheld amounts are paid back to you by the lessor, either wholly or partially, or it subsequently transpires that, according to our terms and conditions, you were not entitled to the reimbursement of the withholding from the outset after Sunny Cars has reimbursed this withholding to you in accordance with the regulations mentioned above, then you are obligated to pay back a corresponding amount to Sunny Cars without prompting.

Please confirm that the stated requirements for reimbursement of the excess are fulfilled and that you expressly agree to the terms of repayment outlined above.